Session Road, Baguio City

Session Road is a popular tourist spot in Baguio City. It is a picturesque street lined with stores, restaurants, and other attractions.

In addition, many art galleries and souvenir shops are located on Session Road, making it the perfect place to find unique gifts for friends and family. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains while strolling down this street.

Session Road was named after the first Philippines Commission Session held from April 22 to June 11, 1904, on this site. This is the famous road in Baguio City, the venue of different shopping centers, fast-food chains, drug stores, various building offices, hotels, banks, book stores, and nightlife spots in the heart of Baguio.

It is the usual road being passed by public vehicle to go to prime destinations like SM Mall in Luneta Hill the Market in Magsaysay. Everything you need can be found in this place, so expect it to be very crowded with local and foreign visitors, students, and many vendors.

Session Road, Baguio City

On Sunday, the road is always full of mass goers in Baguio Cathedral, which is located along Session Road. The place is considered as the business capital of Baguio due to all the commercial business set in here. There are a lot of banks scattered in Session, including a bunch of ATMs where students can withdraw their allowance.

Session Road’s primal position induces it to be most jam-packed with vehicles and pedestrians. It links main roads like Leonard Wood, Loakan Road heading toward the Camp John Hay Main Gate, and Magsaysay Avenue, where Baguio City Market is, heading the whole way to La Trinidad Valley. Session Road is split into two segments, the Upper Session Road and the Lower Session Road.

The base of Session Road begins from Maharlika Building straight to Magsaysay Road, and from there, it goes all the way upwards to the popular SM Baguio, where the past known Pines Hotel used to be settled.

Session Road serves as the core or starting stop for bringing about the city’s several celebrations, such as the very flourishing Panagbenga festivities and parades from different schools and universities in Baguio.

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