Courtyards Condominium

Looking for a place to stay in Baguio City?

The Courtyards Condominiums are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comfortable, convenient and affordable home away from home. You can find condos near schools, malls, hospitals and parks. They offer more space than apartments or townhouses with amenities like pools, gyms and parking lots.

The Courtyards is located just minutes away from Baguio Central Business District (BCBD). This condo in the city provides a comfortable living space with two bedrooms, one toilet and bath, and a balcony. With an area of only 40 square meters, this condo is perfect for someone who wants to live close to all that Baguio City has to offer.

The unit also comes with balcony which makes it perfect for those who love to enjoy the fresh air while they relax at home.


Property Details

Type: Condominium

Price: ₱4,9000,000

Floor Area: 40.05 SQM

Bedrooms: 2

Toilet & Bath: 1

Location: Leonila Hill, Baguio City

Mode of Payment

Reservation: P50,000

DP: 20% 930,000 if cash paid with 5% discount on DP (46,500 discount)

Downpayment: 883,500

Option 1: Offer to buy for convenient payment for executive approval

Option 2: 6 months amortization with 2% discount on DP (18,600)
Monthly amortization: 151,900

Option 3: 12 months without interest
Monthly amortization: 77,500
Bank/In house financing: 80% up to 20 years

Sample Computation: @6.5% fixed rate
20 years: 29,226.47
15 years: 34,147.41
10 years: 71,162

5% Ownership transfer fees: 245,000
2% Legal fees: 98,000
5% Turnover fees: 245,000

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