Baguio Cathedral Posted October 31, 2012


Baguio CathedralIf you happen to be in Baguio for a vacation spree, be sure to add Baguio Cathedral to your itinerary of the best places you need to visit. This old impressive church situated on top of a hill in the center of the city, with a great view of Session Road and city backdrop. It is also one of the numerous common attractions here in Baguio and it is very near SM which makes it very accessible to local or even tourist.

It’s very easy to go to the church, from Session Road visitors can walk to the up rise long stairways of more than a hundred steps which is a bit of a challenge but worth the effort. For those people who are not in the mood for an obstacle climbing session can just access the Cathedral with their cars via roads behind the Post Office building. Another way to get there is by using the escalators at Porta Vaga Shopping Mall, and then proceeds to the exit at the top floor that will lead to the Baguio Cathedral parking grounds.

Its aesthetic rosy colored building is differentiated from other churches in the Philippines through its matching pyramidal top roof. Some say that Baguio Cathedral is among of the country’s’ most picturesque architectural structures that is elaborately decorated from glass windows up to the ceiling.

The massive Baguio Cathedral can accommodate approximately 850 worshippers but still it’s always crowded on Sunday’s so be sure to come early to get a nice spot near the altar. The parking can be used by people attending the mass for free but some tourist are being abusive, they park their cars in the church for long hours so now if you leave your car for more than one hour, you are required to pay a certain fee.